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Fluent.ai is a leader in edge-based speech recognition and voice user interface solutions for accurate, noise robust and low latency voice control in industrial environments.

In noisy factory environments, Fluent.ai’s voice solution has demonstrated its ability to maintain high accuracy and increase production efficiency, enabling lean manufacturing while improving work environments for factory operators.

The advantages of Fluent.ai voice-enabled smart factories:

Noise robust solutions offer accurate, low latency voice recognition even in challenging noise environments where other solutions fail.
Hands-free operation through voice control increases production efficiency, saving costs to manufacturers in the long run.
Voice control enhances lean manufacturing and complements ergonomically sound work environments for factory operators.
Edge implementation solves data protection and security challenges, as users’ voice data is never sent to the cloud nor stored on device.

Case Study

BSH, Europe’s leading connected home appliances manufacturer, set out to find a solution that would increase efficiency on the production line and improve ergonomics for their factory workers. Soon after, through their venture client group, BSH Startup Kitchen, BSH launched its partnership with Fluent.ai to bring voice automation to their factory assembly lines.

Fluent.ai developed a voice control solution for workers to operate heavy machinery by speaking into a headset connected to an embedded voice recognition system. With Fluent.ai’s solution, factory operators are able to conveniently operate the assembly line hands-free, increasing production efficiency by replacing the manual pushing of buttons while also improving factory worker ergonomics. Fluent.ai’s unique speech-to-intent voice recognition technology is capable of supporting any language and accent, allowing BSH to easily scale and deploy the technology in their factories around the world.
Early results from the partnership show major improvements to factory worker productivity with up to 75-100% efficiency gains in managing the assembly line by reducing manual intervention. BSH has seen impressive time savings in assembly line operations, saving BSH a significant amount of yearly manufacturing costs. The edge deployment of the technology also solves data protection-related challenges, as users’ voice data is never sent to the cloud nor stored on device.


BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, with a total turnover of some EUR 13.9 billion and 60,000 employees in 2020, is a global leader in the home appliance industry. The company’s brand portfolio includes eleven well-known appliance brands like Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff as well as the ecosystem brand Home Connect and service brands like Kitchen Stories. BSH produces at around 38 factories and is represented in some 50 countries. BSH is a Bosch Group company.

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