Our Approach

Fluent.ai is a leader in edge-based speech recognition and voice user interface solutions.

How do we do it?

Based on over a decade of research in voice recognition and a strong portfolio of patents, Fluent.ai’s technology is unique and unmatched.

Traditional speech understanding solutions operate in two distinct steps:

Speech is transcribed into text in the cloud.
Natural language processing is applied to the text to determine the userʼs intent.

Fluent.aiʼs proprietary “speech-to-intent” technology directly maps a userʼs speech to their desired action without the need for speech-to-text transcription and a cloud connection.

Our text-independent approach enables us to develop speech recognition systems for any language and accent that run completely offline and work accurately even in noisy environments.

Fluent.ai's Approach


Conventional Approach


Fluent.ai’s speech-to-intent technology employs unique deep neural network algorithms to directly map the incoming speech of a user to their intended action without the need to perform speech to text transcription.

Fluent.ai technology learns by directly associating semantic representations of a speaker’s intended actions with the spoken utterances. In a way, our models are based on the concept of vocabulary and language acquisition in humans. Unlike conventional automatic speech recognition (ASR), Fluent.ai technology does not require phonetic transcription. Our text-independent approach enables the development of speech understanding models that can learn to recognize a new language from a small amount of data compared to cloud-based systems, and allows end users to interact with their devices in a more natural and intuitive way.


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