Smart Home Devices is a leader in fully offline, noise robust and multilingual/multi-accent speech recognition solutions for smart home appliances and other smart home devices.’s innovative speech-to-intent solutions enable intuitive, robust and private-by-design voice command control for smart home appliances, smart remotes and more. Imagine the convenience of telling your air conditioner to cool down your living room or lowering the volume on your TV without lifting a finger, and knowing your voice data never even left the room.

The advantages of voice-enabled smart home devices:


Offline / Embedded

Embedded, offline solutions ease consumer privacy concerns of cloud-based devices in the home.

Low Latency

Low latency solutions deliver a rapid response, natural voice user interface experience.

Accurate / Noise Robust

Noise robust speech recognition performs accurately even with noise from appliances such as washing machines and oven rangehoods, or background noise from music, chatter, or the TV.

Multilingual / Multi-Accent

Multi-language/multi-accent capabilities provide OEMs flexibility to ship a single SKU across multiple geographic regions.

Low Power

Low power consumption prolongs battery life.

Use Cases


Kitchen range hoods


Air purifiers


Robot vacuums


Air conditioners


Microwaves, ovens


Washing machines & dryers


Smart switches


Universal remotes


Security cameras

Voice Control for the Noisiest Environments & DSP Concepts Reference Design speech recognition provider

Equip white goods with far-field, embedded voice control for even the noisiest home appliances.

Key Benefits

  • Far-field (3 m) voice control with high response accuracy rate
  • DSP Concepts’ high-performance 2-mic TalkTo Audio Front-End
  • embedded local commands
  • Offline, no-lag & intuitive voice user experience 
  • Multilingual & multi-accent support in a single system 
  • Cost-effective BOM
  • Ideal voice solution for kitchen range hoods, air conditioners, washing machines, and more

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