Wearables & Hearables

Fluent.ai is a leader in small footprint, low power embedded speech recognition solutions for consumer wearable and hearable devices.

Fluent.ai’s embedded voice solutions give users the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and keep their smart voice capabilities with them wherever they go. From smartwatches and fitness trackers to headphones and earbuds, Fluent.ai processes voice on the edge, giving users the flexibility and hands-free convenience of accurate voice command control in any environment.

The advantages of Fluent.ai voice-enabled wearables & hearables:


Offline / Embedded

Fully offline technology provides users the convenience of voice command control in any environment, even without an internet connection.

Small Footprint

Small footprint solutions enable embedded voice recognition for even the tiniest of devices.

Low Power

Low power consumption means always-on devices aren’t drained by their smart voice capabilities, and users can enjoy their devices on the go for longer.

Accurate / Noise Robust

Noise robust solutions avoid the frustration of inaccurate or unresponsive voice recognition in noisy outdoor environments such as a busy street, or while using indoor exercise equipment.

Use Cases


Smart watches & fitness trackers


Wireless earbuds



True Wireless Stereo Reference Design

Fluent.ai enhances the True Wireless Stereo user experience by triggering essential actions, including activating noise cancellation, controlling music, accepting or declining calls, checking battery level and more, all using flexible, intuitive voice commands.

Key Benefits

  • Embedded Offline in a Small Footprint

    No need for an accompanying smartphone app

  • Flexible Voice Commands

    No need to speak rigidly and remember exact command phrasings 

  • Quick & Accurate

    Fast response voice commands work accurately even in noisy environments

  • Multilingual & Multi-Accent

    Support for multiple languages and accents in a single small footprint solution

Fluent.ai speech recognition provider
Implementing robust, natural sounding embedded voice control in TWS devices has been a challenge due to the memory and compute limitations of current Bluetooth SoCs, and the low power consumption requirements in TWS devices…Fluent.ai’s small-footprint AI software solution running on Knowles IA8201 can be integrated into TWS earbuds for accurate voice command recognition without the need for an accompanying smartphone app or cloud connectivity.”

- Raj Senguttuvan

Director Strategic Marketing at Knowles

Download the Fluent.ai x Knowles TWS Reference Design One-Pager

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Download theFluent.ai & Knowles TWS Reference Design One-Pager
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